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Workshops for 757 Area Choirs and Ensembles

One of our clinicians will come to you and work individually with your group.  Examples of classes offered are listed below.                          

           Handbell Basics

       from ringing stroke to techniques

        how to make all those sounds safely

and musically


       Multiple Bell Techniques

       ringing 2 (or 3!) bells with one hand


       Bass Bells

       from ringing those big things to assigning


       Level Up!

       feeling ‘stuck’ on level 2 music?

       ideas on how to be successful with level 3 (and above!)


       Where’s the Beat? 

       demystifying rhythms and syncopations


       Change Ringing

       exploring the roots of handbells


Contact us to schedule or for further information!  Does your choir need help in an area that is not addressed by the topics above?  We can tailor a course to address your needs.


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